Ephatha Fashion

About Us

Our Designer

Mercy is a Nigerian born fashion designer who started sewing in 2006 as a sophomore at the University of Ibadan. She grew up getting her fashion inspiration from her mum, Ada. Ada always found ways to mix and match beautiful items even from thrift stores making them look priceless.

It was no surprise when Mercy started sewing clothes at 19years of age. Ada bought her first sewing machine and ensured she spent summer breaks at fashion schools. Mercy is known for paying attention to detail, she loves using diverse range of fabrics to accentuate the female silhouette.

Our Story

Ephphatha /e-fa-ta/ means “be opened”. As a brand we are redefining African inspired fashion making it versatile so everyone can afford it and feel comfortable wearing it. We combine African fabrics with contemporary western design for the cosmopolitan young professional.

Our Mission

To simplify our production process; making our wears affordable without compromising the quality.

Our Social Enterprise

The name Ephatha is inspired from Mark 7 :34  Ephatha Fashion is transitioning into a social enterprise that advocates for the inclusion of the deaf / hard of hearing in our workplaces. . And as a ‘SEWcialist’ we believe you do not need to speak to be heard or sew. . We are excited about this journey and hope to share it with you.