Year 2021 Review: It's Time to Reflect and Reset

As we do a countdown to the end of 2021 and the start of a New Year, it’s great to take a minute to pause and reflect on all that has happened – the highs and lows, the challenges and opportunities, the mistakes and experiences gained. Why? Because doing this helps you to know where to build on, work on or even stop spending time on. You do not want to repeat same mistakes, tow the same path you did in the next year. I’m sure you want to be better, stronger and make more progress in the New Year. Friends, it’s time to reminisce!


No matter how ‘little’ you may consider the progress you made this 2021, take time out to appreciate and celebrate your achievements. Did you acquire a new skill? Were you promoted at work? Was the project successful? Did you do something that changed lives? Don’t take all these wins for granted. You deserve some thumbs up! Give yourself a pat on the back.


Do a check and see if there are things that didn’t work out. A failing, toxic relationship? A business venture that is not profitable? A promise taking too long to fulfill? Perhaps, it’s time to let go of some old stuff and try new adventures. Try a change of location. Pick up a new interest. Stop relying much on people to get things done for you and believe in yourself that you can do it well. Letting go may be just what you need to have a whole, fresh perspective.


Peradventure, you have had a really rough year. Many of your plans didn’t work out; some of your dreams you had to put off till later. It was as if this year just slipped out of your finger and you’re wondering where all the time went. Remember, it’s not the end of the road for you. Sit down and look at the grey areas. Where did you miss it? What could you have done better? What took so much of your time with little to nothing to show for it? Asking yourself these questions will help you avoid same mistakes and perform better in the coming year.


While 2021 may have been challenging for you, 2022 may actually be tougher. Oops! Did I just say that? Well, that is life for you. As you don’t know what lies in the future, it’s best for you to prepare ahead. But unlike before, now you’re tougher, smarter and you know the stuff you are made of. When challenges come this time, you're not going down. You're tackling them with strength, dexterity and experience.


Write down what you want to achieve in the Next Year and start working towards them. Make sure those goals are realistic, practicable and realizable. Remember, you can achieve all you set out to do with proper planning. He who fails to plan will end up with failure over and over again. You do not want to tow that path ever again.



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